Thursday, November 1, 2018

Quick Report

I find if you work it right you can get energy out of editing. If you feel good about the work, it pulls you along. It really helps when the people you work with are excited about the project, too. 

Meanwhile, it is important not to get behind the "power curve". If you don't pace yourself, you can be like an airplane in a dive without sufficient speed or thrust to pull up. This Summer, I worked on my novel Echoes and Emanations 7. The novel was giving me energy but I was still putting energy into it, and also putting energy into E7, which calls upon a different set of creative energies. A novel is your own world, your own ontology.  On the other hand, a complex and sprawling collaboration like Emanations requires working with and around other peoples' energies and ontologies.  Not a difficult task, but one especially has to respect the "power curve" when working in this (the editorial and collaborative) mode.

Anyway... When school started end of August I was knackered. From August to mid-October, I was performing involved textual manipulations for Emanations 7--it has been necessary to format some of the text in PDF, and then paste the text (as jpeg images) into the master file. The manipulations meant I had to to "think backwards" as I prepared and pasted the images into the book. I'll leave that to peoples' imaginations. Suffice it to say that E7 will have some pretty intriguing stuff in it. The book will offer really strong writing and curious images, and also it will be an innovative object in its own right.

I am waiting for two illustrations, and then the interior of the book will be done.  The art work for the cover is ready, and the cover will come together quickly.  Stay tuned.

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