Sunday, November 25, 2018

Echoes: the problem of description

While it is not impossible, describing Echoes presents some difficulties.  Here is the rather "terse" description from the Amazon sales page:
A wrenching spy thriller like no other. In the first volume of the Invisible Tower Trilogy, readers are introduced to Bronson Bodine, an unusual spy in an unusual world.
Here is the description from the International Authors web site:
Meet Bronson Bodine, an unusual spy in an unusual world. Animated shadows, disquieting patterns and psychic visitations become as real—or as unreal—as the shifting landscape on which the secret agents of obscure organizations pursue their missions. At once a wrenching spy thriller and an ingenious meditation on the nature of human identity, Bronson Bodine’s adventures among the specters and reflections of an endless existence lead to strange outcomes, and to even stranger revelations.

Echoes is the first volume in the Invisible Tower Trilogy.
On the back of the book, the "description" reads:
Shadows, reflections, patterns, memories, origins, resemblances, legacies, visitations...
After I work through the "problematics" of preparing for publication volumes II and III of the Invisible Tower Trilogy, I plan to produce some clever, over-arching description. Until then, my inclination regarding any characterization of the project is to remain, so to speak, "aloof".

Please click the cover image to view the Amazon sales page, where recently posted reviews provide some useful insights:

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