Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Simultaneous Times Vol. 2.5

Jean-Paul L. Garnier of Space Cowboy book has sent me the following note. Jean-Paul will have a story in Emanations Nine, and he will announce the publication of the new volume in his newsletter. Soon!

To celebrate the launch of their new website Space Cowboy Books has created a free download ebook entitled Simultaneous Times Vol. 2.5. The book features writers and illustrators from Brazil, Germany, England, and the United States and serves as a companion piece to the Simultaneous Times science fiction podcast and paperback book series. The book features the science fiction writings of: Michael Butterworth, J. Jeff Jones, Cora Buhlert, Renan Bernardo, Brent A. Harris, Robin Rose Graves, Kim Martin, RedBlueBlackSilver, and Douglas A. Blanc – with illustrations by: Dante Luiz, Austin Hart, Douglas A. Blanc, Chynna DeSimone, and Zara Kand.