Saturday, December 10, 2011

A December Afternoon in Brooklyn

I've just returned from Brooklyn where I visited with Yuko Nii and Terrance Lindall of the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center. After brief and warm introductions (shared, incidently, with a young couple from Spain entering the Center just ahead of me) Terrance thrust a cup of tea into my hands and led me on a tour. Not unexpectedly, I viewed lots of art, including the current exhibit and several of the paintings Terrance has done based on Paradise Lost. Also, he took me though his Cabinet of Wonders, an extensive collection of curios, artifacts and fine paintings, the proper description of which, based upon my cursory but nonetheless expert appraisal, would certainly require a brow loftier than even my own.

We talked about the Center, Emantions and International Authors. Terrance expressed interest in preparing illustrations for Emanations: Second Sight, and he has agreed to join the International Authors Board of Advisors. We discussed at length various theological and aesthetic matters concerning Milton and Paradise Lost, and then went on to cover a battery of arcane subjects in a lively bricolage of artistic banter, aphoristic legerdemain and philosophic enthusiasm; and we were especially keen as we agreed upon the importance of using art to preserve and advance the cause of great poetry. We compared notes on the possibility of an exhibit involving analytic philosophy and Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick, and we discussed the forthcoming International Authors edition of The Scarlet Letter.

It has been a very good afternoon.