Monday, January 30, 2012

The Farmhouse Company

When she's not busy writing poetry and fiction, or making the scene with the rockers in the Mumbai underground, Vitasta Raina is on the leading edge of sustainable urban development. Vitasta has recently turned her progressive architectural vision to India's rural areas. Her latest project is called The Farmhouse Company, a design studio offering three new developments for urban dwellers seeking a home in the country.

According to the Web site:

The Farmhouse Company offers you an alternate lifestyle; more than just weekend homes or holiday getaways, we offer you freedom from the cramped spaces and polluted skies of the city.

We understand your urge to escape the chaos of the city and be one with nature, to lie back on the grass and watch the clouds, to dip your feet in a brook and see only lush greenery all around you. Or, to come home in a chauffer-driven boat!!

The names of the three developments are Villa Arbol, Villas de Mer, and Villas de Rio. Learn more about the project by clicking here.

A chauffer-driven boat? Well, only if we can stop by the teak forest for a quick snack in the Sushi bar.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

169 Clinton St.

The Brooklyn, New York apartment building where H.P. Lovecraft lived in the mid-1920s. The figures in the photographs are painter Michael Brennan and his daughter Oona.