Friday, November 2, 2018

Echoes reviewed on Amazon France

The French Amazon page for Echoes has a new review of the book.  Here it is:

I really enjoyed Echoes. It recounts the deliriously slapstick adventures of Bronson Bodine, the Invisible Tower's top (not‒so‒secret) agent as he battles his (and possibly our) archenemies who are... Well, we're never quite sure who. Then again, we never really learn what the Invisible Tower is... Or the true motives of their enigmatic, less than human leader, Eddie Allan...

Echoes, I should point out, is the first volume of a trilogy.

What really scotched me was the vigour of author Carter Kaplan's imagination. Of course, there are influences: Bodine might be a second‒cousin‒not‒so‒far removed of Moorcock's Jerry Cornelius and, at one point, he (Bodine) gorily dissects a Lovecraftian monster ‒ as surgery is one of Bodine's many destructive enthusiasms, expect other characters to fall fodder to his scalpel. But Carter Kaplan transcends his influences by the incandescent quality of his prose, his wit, and a gift for satire the equal of anyone.

These odd, funny, non‒sequitur chapters make me think of elaborately crafted artefacts cast upon our shores from some fifth‒dimension tsunami... Well worth your picking up.

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