Monday, September 18, 2023

Simultaneous Times Volume 3

Just across my desk is the latest volume of Simultaneous Times, an anthology of fiction edited by Jean-Paul L. Garnier, and published by Space Cowboy Books. So far, I've read the Introduction and the Michael Butterworth story that closes the collection.

I hadn't realized Michael Butterworth’s story was originally published in the early-1970s, in New Worlds, until after I had read it.  The story, and learning this fact, were delightful discoveries.  Probing the nature of relationships and the nature of talking about relationships, the story is rich in psychological insight. Descending through the various layers of allegorical suggestion was stimulating and rewarding.

I should remark that these stories were selected for the anthology because they have appeared as contemporary “radio dramas” in the Simultaneous Times Podcast.

I have also spent some time reading the contributors' biographies, which has been entertaining and instructive.  It is terrific seeing who writers are and what they are up to.  The section provides a good feel for the writers’ personalities and their work, and it also features large and reveling portraits of each writer.  Maybe we need to expand the Contributors section along these lines in Emanations? Meanwhile (as I wait for the Emanations 10 proof copy to arrive this Wednesday) I will read more in this neatly-produced book.

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