Wednesday, September 13, 2023

コドモノクニ ... Children's Country


International Authors colleague, Japanese artist Nobxhiro Santana, provides the following:

The title is written from the right side and is written in katakana as "
コドモノクニ". Meaning: Children's Country.

The bottom left of the title is "September," and the bottom right is Volume 10, No. 10.

At the bottom left, it says "three-page large appendix included".

 From Wikipedia:



"Kodomonokuni" was a children's magazine published by Tokyosha (currently Hearst Fujingahosha) from January 1, 1922 to March 1, 1944. It is a representative pictorial magazine of the Taisho era that contributed to the establishment of the genre of children's pictures drawn for children."     Source                                           

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