Thursday, November 10, 2016

Analysis of messes: "A Mess"

     A Mess

Making messes
Cleaning up messes
Moving from one mess to another
Talking about messes
Finding messes
Avoiding messes
Buying messes
Selling messes
Hearing about messes
Regretting messes
Laughing at other people's messes
Wondering about messes
Making more messes
Discovering you've made a mess previously not seen as a mess
Watching something turn into a mess
Watching a mess turn into something
Messing around
Letting people know they better not mess around with you
Messing around with other people
Dealing with people who are messes
Stepping into a mess
Learning from messes
Learning from other people's messes
Not learning from messes: yours or another's
Seeing messes for what they are
Avoiding more messes
Reminiscing with an old mess
Enjoying messes
Writing poems about messes
Not having anything more to say about messes
Having more to say about messes
Pronouncing the last word on messes

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Just stumbled on your blog and loved the poem Messes. So perfectly describes every mess I've made or been in. Thanks for this one.

Barbara W. Whittington, author
Vada Faith
Ezra and Other Stories
Dear Anne: Love Letters from Nam