Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Butterworth in Berlin

I recently learned Michael Butterworth will be in Berlin this Saturday, 5 November, 8 pm at the Posh Teckel bar in Neukölln, to discuss his new book, The Blue Monday Diaries.  To view the announcement for the event, please click HERE.

Dave Jenning's review of the book can be viewed HERE.

To view the Amazon description and purchase the book, please click HERE.

My musical tastes range from Beethoven quartets to free-form avant-garde "highbrow" jazz, and thus, from what I see here, I am a bit circumspect about New Order and their scene. I am very interested, however, in Mr. Butterworth's poetry and fiction; and his wide-ranging publishing projects--always unique and often ingenious--represent material for continual investigation and reflection.  I am curious, therefore, to read this new book and see what kind of light he throws upon our understanding of this sector of popular culture, which, in the case of New Order, suggests the fascinating phenomenon of young people not fully aware of what they are doing in "the arts", and yet nevertheless succeeding--and what ever that "success" might mean.  These are important questions, and I am confident that when it comes to engaging such issues Michael Butterworth's new book is absolutely candid and fully delivers.

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