Friday, September 2, 2016

Brain Bugs

Today a short article published on the CNN website features comments from entrepreneur Jack Ma, who cautions that people expressing concerns about globalization could lead us into war.  Evidently very troubled by such irresponsible utterances, Mr. Ma is quick to point out "Globalization is good... when trade stops, war comes." If I follow Mr. Ma's logic correctly, the phenomenon of people questioning globalization or trade treaties will lead to stopping trade outright, which in turn will lead to war. I am reminded of the recent tactics of the former British Prime Minster David Cameron, who, before the Brexit vote, threatened that Britain leaving the EU would usher in the same extremist nationalistic impulses that led to the world wars of the 20th Century.

I know very little about Mr. Ma's background, but from what I can gather of his success, his evident intelligence, his manner, and his wealth, I feel very confident when I suggest that he is not only a leading highbrow on the terrestrial level, but is moreover fully worthy of being considered among that rare group of earthlings who are also highbrows of "Galactic Proportions."

Jack Ma/Ma Yun () Founder and Chairman of Alibaba Group

Brain Bug from the planet Klendathu, seen here greeting Earthlings

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