Monday, February 23, 2015

The Multilateral View

PML: What does it mean to adopt a Renaissance attitude?

DR: Tasso’s message is not specifically different from the message of the other great Renaissance writers and/or poets and/or artists. To make it as brief as possible, it would mean to pass from unilateral thinking (see the Enlightenment: “We are the light. Everything before us, or different from us, is darkness”) to a multilateral view. Since the universe, or even society, surpasses our faculties infinitely, we always need at least two opposite keys in order to approach it, and assume that both / all of them are significant.

To read Philip Murray-Lawson's interview with Dario Rivarossa, please click HERE.

Philip and Dario

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In Carter Kaplan's version of "The School of Athens"! :-D