Monday, December 2, 2013

Michel Ciment on Stanley Kubrick

First, an interview. It is a minor thing, but I was immediately struck by Kubrick's voice, and my realization that in Dr. Strangelove Peter Sellers mimics Kubrick's voice when he portrays President Merkin Muffley.

Next, a short film in which Ciment explores Kubrick's interest in power elites. Two points I want to make:  Point 1) In one of the scenes at home, the daughter in Eyes Wide Shut is shown dressed in a white outfit with fairy wings--then at the end of the film in the toy store the daughter chooses a doll dressed in a white outfit with fairy wings.  Point 2) In addition to the theme of power elites and the byzantine process of figuring out their motives, Eyes Wide Shut highlights how women are socialized and explores the sociology (and the "deep" politics) of their various roles in our civilization.

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