Friday, December 20, 2013

Announcement from Norman Spinrad

Norman Spinrad has asked me to pass along the following:
I’ve put my theatrical play adaptation of my novel Greenhouse Summer on Amazon for $2.99, the lowest possible price, and would have done a freebie if possible.  The play was commissioned, might be produced in another rewritten version, and the live theatrical rights are not mine.  But all film/television rights to both my play script version and the underlying novel are retained by me.
I could easily and quickly adapt the stage play script into a film/tv script, indeed it would be much easier than adapting my novel to a stage play, believe me!  At the moment I am trying to produce the film myself, and am looking for some kind of deal to get the film made.  A straight option and pick-up deal with me writing the screenplay?  A development deal of some kind?  Financing to do it myself?  I’m open to all suggestions.
Greenhouse Summer is available through Amazon.
Norman Spinrad
212-777-7537, cell:646-346-9385aa
In Europe: 06-61-97-53-43 

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