Wednesday, March 1, 2023

The Invisible Tower Trilogy

I am happy to announce that all three books of The Invisible Tower Trilogy are now available.  Here are links to the Amazon and International Authors descriptions of the books.  Please forward this notice to your contacts.

The adventures of Bronson Bodine in three volumes: Echoes, We Reign Secure and The Sky-Shaped Sarcophagus. Each book stands alone as a unique work of fantasy and adventure. Viewed more broadly, the trilogy is a stimulating and challenging work of art.

The Invisible Tower Trilogy is a thriller that is also a tour de force — a farrago of philosophy, science, theology, myth, surrealism, poetry, geography, medicine, anthropology, satire... Vibrant and exotic, the novels portray a fantastic world that reflects our own. Readers will find the trilogy exceeds their expectations in every direction.

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Please click HERE for the International Authors descriptions.

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