Thursday, December 15, 2022

The Creed of the Oracles book launch, Yenagoa, Nigeria, 11 December, 2022


Author Ebi Robert writes:

This is to register my sincere gratitude to Prof. Carter Kaplan and the entire membership of the board of editors of International Authors.

I feel this is necessary because Prof. Carter Kaplan and other members of IA have been very helpful and instrumental to the success of my debut novel, The Creed Of The Oracles.

The book was formally presented to the general public on the 11th day of December, 2022, at Yenagoa, Nigeria. And I must add that the outing was very successful. The launch was heavily graced by many lovers of literature. The hall was full, and the gospel of International Authors has already spread in my city of Yenagoa.

There was a panel session. K. Ceres Wright, Zadok Kwame Gyesi, Scott Thomas Outlar, and Dennis Casey IV were the virtual panellists who shared their thoughts on some issues raised with respect to the topic, "Worldbuilding in Phantasm and the African Writer's Literary Right to Create Foreign-like Scenes."

I will make available the video recording soonest after compressing it, perhaps. Attached to this post are some of the photos from the launch. The IA logo was also included in the banner and the video.

I want to particularly mention Mike Chivers. Mike had bought a copy of the book. He was also willing to join the virtual session. Unfortunately, there was an issue. I apologise for that. I apologise to all those who couldn't join because of the issue encountered. I hope the virtual recording will help a great deal when uploaded.

Bienvenido Bones Bañez Jr. is a brother. He did a beautiful illustration and has also promoted the work in many ways. I appreciate that.

Bill Ectric King is a handsome fellow. He was the first to get a copy of the book. He also took a copy of the book and helped promote it. I am grateful, sir.

Michael Butterworth was one of the first writers to express interest in the book. He left me an endorsement that was instrumental. Thanks sir. You are recognised.

Oz Hardwick got a recommendation of it and has been very friendly ever since. You are loved, sir.

Tessa B. Dick has been a mother. She had helped in editing my second play, and that was useful. You are a darling.

Carter Kaplan? What can I say? He is my friend, father, editor, senior adviser, and many more. Without him, this book wouldn't have come together smoothly, with the exception of God.

The list is long. Everyone in IA, I love you all.


Ebi Robert

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