Wednesday, November 13, 2019

A Method, Illustrated

 From a Jesuit devotional book:
Consider what you intend to do in this hour (A) and … (B) direct your work and your steps … towards the glory of God (C) with an ardent heart; and you can be sure that without (D) God’s mercy you can do nothing. … Arrange your works equally according to (E ) weight, number and measure, just as if (F) you were facing death (G) and angels and (H) devils were watching all your deeds attentively. But do good works, just as if (K) your grave was already being dug …   complete your works (L) according to the example of Christ and the saints; (M) the angels bring them (your works) before God. But above all … always bear in mind (N) that God and the heavenly host are always watching you.
       A. Sucquet, Via Vitae Aeternae, Antwerp, 1625

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