Sunday, March 3, 2019

Women Forward, Part 2: Innovative Women, curated by Yuko Nii

From the curator's statement:
Presenting 21 outstanding women artists with diverse cultural background, heritages, and nationalities, this exhibition showcases works that are extraordinary, eye-opening, and inspiring. 
March is “National Women’s History Month,” which highlights the contribution of women to both contemporary society and historical events. There are quite a few celebratory events to honor women all over the city and the nation every March, including in the art world. These events are encouraging and powerful. In March 2009, we presented Women Forward, a special show celebrating women artists, along with a full exhibition catalogue. Ten years later, we are looking forward to holding another show focused on the achievements of women artists.
Over the years, the WAH Center has shown a great number of women artists who work in traditional mediums or manners. Having trained technical skills, they have demonstrated a great sense of color and composition in their chosen subject matters in all medium including painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, etc. and these works are superbly executed.
For this exciting show the WAH Center is celebrating innovative women artists whose works express unique concepts, visions, and observations through non-conventional techniques or manners and new mediums. While some of these women artists use the more familiar, conventional mediums, they have a gift of opening the eye to an unseen mystery. They have a special ability to spot abstract shapes and forms in nature; these images reveal a hidden message that most people do not see.
 To view the Ms. Nii's full statement, please click HERE.

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