Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Robert J. Wickenheiser & Terrance Lindall, The Milton Projects: 2009-2015

Recently, Terrance Lindall presented me with a copy of a new book documenting his work with Robert J. Wickenheiser, possibly the foremost collector of John Milton books and art in the United States. I first met Bob in 2012 at the "John Milton Weekend" event held at the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center. Before his death, Bob was the Chair of the Williamsburg Circle of International Arts and Letters, which I am a member of.

The new book presents readers with a detailed look at the business--and the friendships--which characterize the world of big art galleries, high-caliber artists, and important collectors. The thesis of the book is the history of the collaboration between Terrance Lindall and Robert J. Wickenheiser in producing the Gold Illuminated Elephant folio, but it contains much, much more.  It is an excellent point of departure for students of art and literature, collectors, and people curious about what transpires among artists and patrons who share a love for unique artistic expressions--and who are committed to preserving the legacy of John Milton.

Please click HERE to view a free on-line version of the book.

Robert J. Wickenheiser lecturing at the WAH Center, April 2012

Further details concerning the history of the book:

The signed hardcover book has been purchased by Dr. Joseph Wittreich, noted Milton scholar and collector, for
The Huntington Rare Book Library California
The University of Pennsylvania Rare Book Library
Hardcover, 152pp signed and numbered, limited to 100 copies $150 (first ten spoken for).

Also, copies purchased by:
Yuko Nii Foundation Milton Library (two copies)
Bienvenido Bones Banez, jr.
Milton's Cottage
Pat Wickenheiser
John Geraghty

Courtesy Softcover to:
Professor Steve Fallon
Professor Louis Schwartz
Professor Carter Kaplan

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