Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Anticipating Emanations 7

Our editorial vision for Emanations is evolving. While there are no set themes, volume-to-volume we have found that certain subtle and indirect tendencies are at work characterizing each new production. Hence, in Emanations: Foray into Forever, readers can detect nuanced glimpses into conceptions of Eternity. In Emanations: 2 + 2 = 5, the tenor is vaguely dystopian. Most recently, Emanations: I am Not a Number encourages transcending the limits of our utilitarian civilization and its psycho-compartmental identifications. The tone of the volume is appropriately dark.

In anticipation of Emanations 7, the editors have been discussing the Pleiades as a point of departure. When you look directly at the Seven Sisters you can’t make out detail, just a blur, but if you look slightly to one side of them they become visible in peripheral vision. Their number and positioning relative to each other can be clearly discerned. This peripheral field compares to the literary task of describing experience in a space and a time outside of the collective semantic illusion; as in glancing slightly askance, the Pleiades appear in all their sisterhood, in the stream-of-continuity, the formless non-self that thrives in that transparent moment that is as boundless as it is elusive. In counterpoint to the sixth volume’s darkness, we should like to see Emanations 7 arouse intimations of affirmation and light.

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