Saturday, December 24, 2016

Kostelanetz Memorandum (part II)

In the second installment, Richard announces the publication of two books of visual poetry:
Wholly on their own initiative, Raymond Hammond published my collection of visual poetry, Roundelays, with his NY Quarterly, and Jeffrey Haste designed and printed my FictionFields for his Deerbrook Editions. Consider this contemporary rule: If Amazon’s selling it, it must exist.
   (Speaking of that legendary retailer, I’ve noticed that it established a mammoth unmarked “distribution center” a few blocks from my house, so that what I order one evening arrives at my door the following day. Peeking inside the warehouse around 5 pm. on a weekday, I saw a humongous empty space with workers moving pallets around the floor, I guess to accept shipments that would arrive that night.)
   I also transformed the cosy corner office of Wordship II into a bookstore that will be open the last Sunday afternoon of every month to sell books of mine along with choice used books I’ve acquired over the years. Please come visit sometime (but 24 Dec., not the 25th; then 29 Jan.), using not the usual entrance behind my fence but the door directly on Wyckoff Avenue near the corner of Norman Street. See ya?

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