Friday, March 11, 2016

The New Technique

My International Authors colleagues Dario Rivarossa and Tiziana "Selkis" Grassi have been collaborating on new images that are worth examining in detail.  Here are a few samples from Dario's website:

As I've expressed them to Dario, my impressions:
 The technique is very very effective. Distinguished, sophisticated... and you have achieved something that looks genuinely "new." No small feat. Let's use this method to re-work some of the MC illustrations. Layers of activity, layers of form, layers of meaning, a gentle irony, burgeoning humor and insight. The compositional sophistication especially reflects the text beautifully.
I've written Dario and Tiziana about the possibility of pursuing more of these images for the forthcoming translation of Tasso's Creation of the World and for Emanations 6.


ilTassista Marino said...

Again many thanks, Carter!
For the sake of completeness, the first picture hints at the set of episodes in Dante, Inferno 8-9; the second is titled "Bulgakov" with reference especially to his sci-fi and satirical novella "Fatal Eggs." But it is also true that I usually choose the titles only after the picture is made.
The she-worm head in the first work comes from Raphael, a not very famous fresco in the Logge Vaticane that shows the Serpent tempting Adam and Eve.
The Serpent is the second picture is a detail from a bigger illustration made together with Eva/Nivalis, again depicting Eve's temptation; the original work belongs to the Robert J. Wickenheiser Collection (rest in peace, precious friend), University of South Carolina.

ilTassista Marino said...

Corrigenda: the "first" picture in the explanations means the second, and vice versa. Sorry.