Saturday, January 30, 2016

Unravelling a Cold War Mystery

In 1994, Gerhardt Thamm received a Studies in Intelligence Annual Award for his article The ALFA SSN: Challenging Paradigms, Finding New Truths, 1969–79. 

Several remarks about the Mr. Thamm's report:

1) It describes an intelligence program that saved millions of dollars.

2) The program was extensive in terms of drawing upon a wide spectrum of intelligence assets, analysts, and the coordination of these disparate sources.
3) The thesis driving the program went against deeply-seated views in the intelligence community and among the Navy's best engineers and scientists.
4) The program took years of persistent work to produce results and gain acceptance.
5) The program brought to light landmark changes in Soviet technology, defense policy and military capability.

Please click HERE to read the article.

Soviet Alfa SSN

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