Thursday, December 11, 2014

Geminids Memorandum

Dear Colleagues:

I usually send a memorandum in October, but things have been busy. Here are recent International Authors developments:

1) The Michael Butterworth show is coming to the United States. The books, curios, posters, prints, relics and sundry eclectic materials comprising the show will be on view in the Kent State University library beginning mid-January, 2015. Wednesday March 5, Professor Donald "Mack" Hassler will deliver a lecture on experimental literature, fine arts and Michael's work. A description of the show and a variety of related links can be viewed in a blog post by Jeffery Hodges.

2) The International Authors translation of Torquato Tasso's Il mondo creato (Creation of the World) is proceeding in good order. The translation and editing team members--Dario Rivarossa, Prof. Salwa Khoddam, and myself--are more than half way through the 300+ page poem. This new English-language translation featuring illustrations by the "Magic Trio" (Dario Rivarossa, Tiziana "Selkis” Grassi, and Eva “Nivalis” Nieri) should be out in the first half of 2015. A section from Day 5, "The Poem of the Phoenix" will appear in the verse section of Emanations V. Dario's blog is a good source for the latest news.

3) International Authors has published an anthology of Fantasy Literature entitled Fantasy Worlds. The book is now available through Amazon. The book is on the reading list for a sophomore-level literature course that I am teaching Spring Semester 2015. The course is called, appropriately enough, "Fantasy Worlds". I am happy to say that among many seminal works of fantasy literature, the book contains fiction penned by members of our community, including Elkie Riches, Robert Meadley, and Gareth Jackson. Visit the Amazon sales page(s) here:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon Euro

The contents can be viewed HERE.

4) In Spring Semester 2014 at Kent State University, Emanations: Thrid Eye was on the reading list for Mack Hassler's Freshman Forum in the Kent Honors Program. Story and pictures HERE.

5) A number of outstanding submissions have been received for Emanations V. Submissions are still being accepted; the Call can be viewed HERE.

6) On behalf of International Authors, I am donating a complete set of our titles to the Belmont College library. This effort is still evolving, but it looks like a newspaper article will emerge. More on this development to come.

7) International Authors is supporting the publication of Steve Aylett's forthcoming book The Heart of the Original. Many thanks to Elkie Riches and C. E. (Chris) Matthews for their generous assistance. A description of Steve's project can be viewed HERE.

8) I want to underscore my thanks and appreciation. As well, I wish to apologize if I have not gotten back to you in a timely manner. Along these same lines , I wish to double-underscore that nothwithstanding the terrific editorial support I receive (and let me again thank Holly Baumgartner, Elkie Riches, Jeffery Hodges, Kai Robb, Dario Rivarossa, Mike Chivers, Michael Butterworth, Gareth Jackson, and Mack Hassler for all their tremendous efforts) many facets of Emanations production remain a "one-man operation." I try to accommodate everyone as best I can, but sometimes the exigencies that characterize a seven-day-work-week require me to demur, hide, remain passive, walk in the woods, or what have you. I want this to be a good experience for all concerned. If you wish to contact me with your concerns, please do so. The facebook page devoted to International Authors is an active and useful forum, and it is always available to test ideas, work through ideas, and so on. The IA web site contains links to the various members of the editorial board, and so affords other avenues for communication. Along these lines, please use the contacts represented by our consortium to develop projects for publication. As in all things: communicate, get to know each other, stay in touch, keep the channels open.

Best wishes for the holidays and the solstice,

Carter Kaplan

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Selkis said...

Even if it's very cold in the evening, I don't want to miss this beautiful star's show. There is a song by The Moody Blues titled: Gemini Dream.