Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Discussing Hate and Ethics with the Gypsy Scholar.

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Anonymous said...

Thought to thank you Sir for that Anscombe linked piece.

Stipulating my peripheral vision was happily guided to the paragraph beginning, Bentham and Mill do not notice the difficulty of the concept “pleasure” which, made the advisory, 'than ... it appears' less so.


Carter Kaplan said...

You are very welcome, JK. I consider myself very fortunate that each semester I can review Anscombe's paper with my Ethics students. As a point of departure for discussing analytic philosophy, the history of ideas, and the "deep" political meaning of ideas and where we--as citizens, as humans beings--stand in relation to our thinking about our behavior and character, Anscombe's paper is a real treasure. Perhaps it sounds "enthusiastic" for me to say so, but she really drills deep into who and what we are as human beings in respect to our intellectual freedom, and our dignity as creatures capable alike of moral choice and moral error.