Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Lost (Hi)Story: Sibyl Archer & Simultaneous Planes, Inc.

I recently visited he Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York to meet graduating MFA student Polixeni Theodorou, who showed me artifacts from her project entitled "A Lost (Hi)Story: Sibyl Archer & Simultaneous Planes, Inc." At the narrative level, the theme of the exhibit concerns time travel and parallel realities, and features a character named Sibyl Archer, a chrononaut who exists at a number of historical periods, and who seeks to bring people into contact with her mysterious organization, Simultaneous Planes, Inc. Philip K. Dick  is an important inspiration for (and part of) the instillation, and as the visitor views the collected  materials and is drawn into the phenomenology and the character of the "evidence" that leads us to perceive time and history, the uncanny impression of multiple realities advances from a concept into a plausible fact of human existence. The project has an interactive aspect that is developing into an on-going "instillation" at a number of levels. Evidence of Sybyl Archer's adventures in time will surface in "real" space and media as Poloxeni develops new artifacts and events that will appear in unexpected places... and at unexpected times. 

Click HERE to view artifacts from her exhibit.

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