Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nicholas Roerich

Better than the surrealists . . . is good old Nick Roerich, whose joint at Riverside Drive and 103rd Street is one of my shrines in the pest zone. There is something in his handling of perspective and atmosphere which to me suggests other dimensions and alien orders of being—or at least, the gateways leading to such. Those fantastic carven stones in lonely upland deserts—those ominous, almost sentient, lines of jagged pinnacles—and above all, those curious cubical edifices clinging to precipitous slopes and edging upward to forbidden needle-like peaks!
         --H. P. Lovecraft to James F. Morton, March 1937
To learn more about Nicholas Roerich , please click HERE.


ilTassista Marino said...

>Better than the surrealists

As a matter of fact, Salvador Dali's art _was_ inspired by the strange rocks on the coast of Catalonia (Ampurdan).

Unknown said...

I have spent the last twelve years writing a novel in which Nicholas Roerich is a major character. I think you may find it sheds light on this topic. If interested,check on my video at:

Carter Kaplan said...

Dario, these strange rocks bear investigation!

Michael, I'll check out your video. Thanks.

Carter Kaplan said...

Michael, I had a look at your video, but there wasn't anything on Roerich. Can you add anything?