Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Highbrow Action at the Brooklyn Book Festival

International Authors had a presence last Sunday at the Brooklyn Book Festival. The Williamsburg Art and Historical Center was our host for the event, and as things turned out we had the honor of representing the Center.

Originally, we were only going to present Emanations: Third Eye as part of the WAH Center display, but then a last minute email from Terrance Lindall informed us that something had come up, and he and his assistant from the WAH Center could not make the event. The table was all ours. Did we have other books to display? And could we represent WAH?

Well, of course!

The full range of International Authors books were presented before the public.  I was joined by surrealist painter Bienvenido Banez, Jr. and Hudson Valley poet Kristine Shmenco, seen here along with yours truly in the following photographs.

I remain very grateful for the opportunity, and on behalf of International Authors I wish to extend my thanks to Terrance Lindall and Yuko Nii, who made the afternoon possible. Terrance and Yuko have been very kind to International Authors over the years, and it has been very enjoyable working with an organization that shares so much in common with our consortium. See, for example, this description of Yuko Nii's "Bridge Concept," as well as this description of just one of the many projects the WAH Center pursues through maintaining its collections and its philanthropic efforts.

Meanwhile, Bien, Kristine and I had a wonderful time talking to festival goers about our books. Also, we compared notes and developed a number if ideas about the book industry--about making books, promoting books and art, about the people who buy books and what they look for, and so on.  We had such an enjoyable time that the day flashed by in a wink  Following the photographs, I have posted links to several press stories. Enjoy.

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