Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dante and Beatrice gaze upon the cosmic orbs, stare into the Sun (from The Paradiso Canto I)

And as a ray descending from the sky
  gives rise to another, which climbs back again,
  as a pilgrim yearns for home; so through my eye

her action, like a ray into my mind,
  gave rise to mine: I stared into the Sun
  so hard that here it would have left me blind;

but much is granted to our senses there,
  in that garden made to be man's proper place,
  that is not granted us when we are here.

I had to look away soon, and yet not
  so soon but what I saw him spark and blaze
  like new-tapped iron when it pours white-hot.

And suddenly, as it appeared to me,
  day was added to day, as if He who can
  had added a new Sun to Heaven's glory.

Beatrice stared at the eternal spheres
  entranced, unmoving; and I looked away
  from the Sun's height to fix my eyes on hers.

And as I looked, I felt begin within me
  what Glaucus felt eating the herb that made him
  a god among the others in the sea.

How speak trans-human change to human sense?
  Let the example speak until God's grace
  grants the pure spirit the experience


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