Thursday, December 24, 2009

Remembering Monster Magnet

Was I six, or was I seven?
On the screen in black and white
Though I foresaw it were red
The Wham-O Monster Magnet
Furious, magnetic power-infused
Through red rippling arms
Very like a genii with a hoop in his ear
But mad mad mad mad
Mad monster mad!
I could hang from the ceiling
If it was steel
Lift tremendous loads
My distended mouth locked in mid-scream
Forever and forever and forever
Even pick up an atom bomb
And launch it across the Midwest
As Golden Achilles in form
Headsman-grim and lion-set
Watches the course of his spear
Arc over the beach and dwindle
Against the darkling skies of Troy
Then turns to face foaming Poseidon
Amidst crabs crouching the shingle
The heavy horseshoe of the magnet
Heavy held at the hero's side
In subtle warning to the sea
Full faces the god, softly, proud
The wind throws back his mane
He dares in pleasant conversation
To speak of the Superball!


Timeshadows said...

Visually-appealing language you have employed, sir.

Happy-Merry :)

Carter Kaplan said...

It's easy when you are inspired by Wham-O! products.