Thursday, March 12, 2009

Illuminations from the Second Ether

Here are some of the "illuminations" artist Kai Robb is preparing for a full-color edition of Tally-Ho, Cornelius! My collaboration with Kai has been most helpful, and his enthusiasm for the project has inspired thoughts of a sequel.

Manhattan as a Tree:


Mary Make-Believe:

The Bifurcating Monofilament:

The Bifurcating Monofilament in Flames:

The Smollettsphere:

Trailer Park Shane the Bling-Bearing Gangsta Wannabe:

Lt. Baudrillard Picturing Himself in the Guise of the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Cornelius, with Soft Toy Cephalopod:

Climb High Oh Corsairs!

Arch Maintypes:

More of Kai Robb's splendid illuminations can be viewed here:

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