Sunday, December 2, 2012

Teaching Emanations

Below is a description for a course Professor Donald Hassler is teaching this Spring at Kent State University. Emanations: Second Sight is one of the texts on the reading list.


Course Description
The course is about how method in literary work and even writing strategies can come clear in the use of the three texts below rather than in a reiteration of the canon. Canonical ideas will be introduced but not relied upon solely. We will open with the notion of collaborative pooling in our work, move to the notion of digging out from the underground of literature, and end with the sense of flying “high” and losing our minds in order to write. All of this work will be done by working with solid text in the three collections. These collections are available in paper but also in electronic versions, at least the first two may be seen online.

Political Science Fiction, edited by Donald M. Hassler and Clyde Wilcox (South Carolina Press)
Sense of Wonder, edited by Leigh Grossman (Wildside Press)
Emanations: Second Sight, edited by Carter Kaplan (International Authors)
Examinations, papers, and reports
Collaborative reports, short papers and one long paper, periodic quz work

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Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to reading this book myself. Congratulations on being included in a college course. I put up a link to it over at Bill Ectric's Place.