Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Richard Kostelanetz's Avant-Garde Classics: Moby-Dick: the Original Printing

Earlier this month, I posted a statement from Richard Kostelanetz concerning his publishing activities with Archae Editions and Avant-Garde Classics.  Please click HERE for that statement.

I was very fortunate to be involved with the Avant Garde Classics edition of Moby-Dick, which features introductory material from Mr. Kostelanetz, John Rocco, and myself.  Also, the edition includes D.H. Lawrence's influential 1922 essay on the novel.

The Amazon description reads as follows:

Since reprints and revisions of Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick (1951) are readily available, this is the original American printing, whose proofs its author presumably approved. That accounts for why it concludes with the publisher’s full-page advertisements, at once quaint and informative, for Melville’s earlier books. Adding to its status as a classic about a classic, this edition (7” x 10”, large typeface) reprints in its entirety D. H. Lawrence’s extended appreciation (1922) and the shorter entries contributed by John Rocco and Carter Kaplan to Richard Kostelanetz’s Dictionary of the Avant-Gardes (third edition, 2018).

I should underscore that the publisher's many advertisements appearing at the end of the book are a surprising and intriguing feature. Please click the cover image (or click HERE) to visit the Amazon sales page.

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