Sunday, January 20, 2019

Very fey... But is it highbrow?

          Bells and Harps
If the wind should moan and crave
Merry I go to the churchyard grave
But if one kite should cry
I'll light a candle and close my eyes
If two doves should call
Peace will swell and burst withal
If three ships at sea should sink
All ships' hands the sea shall drink
If four stars fall from the sky
Heaven's watchers wonder why
If five rings on one hand gleam
The other jealous will poorer seem
If six days are passed in rain
The seventh sees the sun again
If seven days touch the sun
Another week will have begun
If eight priests bless the way
In hallow joy we'll sing a lay
If nine swords are raised on high
'Tis a sign for you and I
If ten bells should ring
The lizard's dead, long live the King
If eleven harps by air are brushed
Then in the wind our fears shall crush
For in those airs of circles spoken
We touch life's dreams in passing token

"Mount of Five Treasures (Two Worlds)" Nicholas Roerich

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