Saturday, September 30, 2017


       The Forbidden Libation

In this shallow and shining pool
Oblong, coffin-regular and warm,
Buoys the duck with constant smile,
In prospect sharing and co-eternal
With the piddling trickle of yonder
Faucet brightly glimmering, a star—
Old Time alone sings such stars,
Angel signs, arch appurtenances—
Coursing in a firmament to mortals unknown
And to poetasters untasted, that sea,
Innocent pool oe’r which Junior first elevates
Then plunges the plastic cup!
Crying an oath, echoed in a splash,
Down thrusts the handled vessel
Whose displacement tosses soapy
Yet potable delight towards wall,
Pale curtain and linoleum floor
(Did Archimedes begin thus?)
Then pulled aloft, brimming full
Of liquid mass proscribed by lore
Scarcely regarded in the impending
Spontaneity of the bather’s next act...
To the lips approaching, suddenly,
With a grimace, a snort, and a wince,
Forbidden resolution, flowing abandon, folly:
Thus sipped! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
And Mommy, thou shall never know!

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