Monday, March 13, 2017

Taste and Temptation

Recently, my International Authors colleague Professor H. Jeffery Hodges posted a picture of what he describes as "a very tasty burger" that his wife had prepared for him. Prof. Hodges reports that it was probably the best hamburger he has ever eaten. Alas, however, after making the burger his wife forgot the recipe.  Here is a photograph of the burger in question:

In this seemingly innocuous and innocent blog-post, I can't help noticing themes that are present in the stories Prof. Hodges has published in Emanations.  Could the experience of eating such a wonderful hamburger--and then losing the recipe--inspire another story featuring Prof. Hodges' Mr. Em, that arch tempter who subjects his victims to the seductions of drink and tobacco, among other sensual enticements?

I see Mr. Em offering the protagonist a once-in-a-lifetime-hamburger, and then stepping back to watch the metaphysical fireworks.

Will the protagonist eat it, or will he keep it . . . to hoard,  to treasure, to covet . . . because it so unique? He has two choices: First, if he eats the burger, he can enjoy all that juicy satiation, but then after that orgasmic repast he will never again experience such a fantastic culinary indulgence. Second, if he keeps it, he can forever enjoy the sublime prospect of dining upon that delectable burger--but, alas, that tantalizing anticipation will last only so long as he does not eat it. An alluring conundrum, indeed!

Ah, and what would Mr. Em--that crafty breaker of men's souls--have him do?

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Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Maybe you should write this story . . .

Jeffery Hodges

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