Thursday, August 18, 2016

Initial Impression

The other day I received an email from Michael Butterworth, who had some kind things to say about the new Tasso translation:
Received Saturday the copy I ordered from Amazon, and how it lives up to its expectations! The cover has printed after all your pains, and the colours and details are bright and sharp.

The interior illustrations are the big surprise, as I haven’t seen them before. All work beautifully!

I don’t have time to do duty to the text, but I have looked through it closely, and read deeply here and there. It reads modern, and, as you say in your Preface, the translation renders it suitable for reading orally (as you did), contrary to the original Italian.

Congratulations once again to all involved. You have done a great job.

Best wishes,

To view the Amazon sales page for Torquato Tasso's Creation of the World, please click the cover image:

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