Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Philip Murrary-Lawson Interviews Ruud Antonius

Ruud Antonius is no stranger to Highbrow readers.  His painting "The Fourth Plinth" appears on the cover of Emanations: 2 + 2 = 5, where he also published a short story, "J. P. Holmes, Jr." He was a participant in the 2011 Meeting of International Authors in London, where, incidentally, he and his lovely friend Deborah were my hosts the two nights I spent there.  Mr. Antonius was born in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. He moved to England where he studied art, then moved to Germany where for a period of five years he painted and played music, then returned once more to England. From 2011, Mr. Antonius spent three years in Spain after which he moved back to the South of England again where he writes, paints, and records and produces music. Websites:;

Philip Murray-Lawson, who has interviewed a number of people connected with International Authors, has posted a new interview with Mr. Antonius.  Please click HERE.

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