Wednesday, November 26, 2014

La Magia

Tomorrow while many of us are dining upon turkey, Dario Rivarossa will be lecturing on magic and witchcraft for the Dante Alighieri Society.

Please click HERE for Dario's announcement.

And click the following title for Dario's book on the subject:  Dante Was a Fantasy Writer.  Here (from the Amazon page) is Professor Hodges' brief review of that book:
Mr. Rivarossa, a writer of surprising, imaginative insights, is willing to entertain the possibility that many of the features found in current-day fantasy literature are also present in Dante's Divine Comedy. He thus finds not only fairies, elves, dragons, witches, and magical enchantments, but even such Gothic features as vampires and werewolves! Accompanying these speculative re-readings of Dante are Mr. Rivarossa's own illustrations, his imaginative reconstructions of what Dante describes. Always with good humor, Mr. Rivarossa presents his speculations not as indisputable fact -- such would not be worthy of fantasy! -- but as a means of getting us to reconsider what Dante was saying. As a work of imagination that provokes thought, and does so in a lively style, the book receives five stars from me.

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ilTassista Marino said...

Many thanks, Carter! "From" the Dante Alighieri Society, rather than "for," because it has been planned among the cultural activities aiming at reacting against the urban blight in that area. In the audience there will be younger people than in the average Dante Alighieri meeting.