Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Troy Frantz Illustration

Fahrenheit 451 - Version 2

For the past three years, Troy Frantz has been preparing illustrations for Emanations, International Authors annual anthology of fiction, poetry and essays.  The material we publish is literary, astute, and inventive, and Troy consistently rises to the high level of sophistication and craft we require.  When he engages an illustration project, he effectively communicates his ideas and concepts, carefully points out his concerns, and generally coaxes from me the kinds of feedback that will lead him to produce his brilliant illustrations, which are always  appreciated by our readers. His influence upon the look of these books as a creative collaborator is invaluable, and of course collaboration is very central to our method and to our vision.

Please click HERE to visit Troy's new website.

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Troy Frantz said...

Wow! Cool! Thanks Carter!