Monday, March 31, 2014

Vitasta Raina in Suvarnarekha

I have recently learned that Vitasta Raina, author of the poetry collection Someday Dream and the novella Writer's Block, has poetry appearing in Suvarnarekha: An Anthology of Indian Women Poets Writing in English

Here are a few lines form the publisher's description of the anthology:
Across generations, these poets flamboyantly articulate epochal feminine sensibilities that both validate and interrogate the nitty-gritties of our culture, while genuinely revealing the marginalization of their gendered identities as also their responses to this inevitability. In doing so, they create a milieu for divulging and affirming their individuality. It is important to reckon the role of the early poets who worked in this medium and charted pathways for the progeny. Carrying forward that historiography, contemporary Indian women poets in English have been exploring female consciousness with eloquence, confidently expressing their selves with the contention of their ability and uniqueness.

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