Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Reclamation by Elkie Riches

On behalf of International Authors, I am happy to announce the publication of the novel Reclamation by Elkie Riches.

Leda Varsis is a shaman--more precisely, she is a member of the Shaman Division, serving the global military order that has survived the apocalyptic event known as the Turning. Adapted from past mysticism to military specifications, the Shaman Division provides communication channels between the enemy and mankind. When Leda is assigned to the military base of ex-London, she intends to carry out her role but the communications that come to her are not what she expects.

Characteristic of Elkie Riches' previous work are her readable, precise and often-elegant prose, and her preoccupation with nature, manifested in its creative force. Both things are to be found in this novel, set in a rapidly-changing environment becoming ever more hostile for human beings. Excellent observation and a mounting sense of danger combine to create an outstanding novel that presents humanity in a way that is unflattering but which leaves room for hope.                     
                                                                        --Langdon Jones

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Elkie Riches

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