Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Emanations: Second Sight in the University Classroom

This morning I met with students from Professor Donald Hassler's Literature Studies and Honors courses at Kent State University to discuss International Authors.  This semester, Professor Hassler has students reading Emanations: Second Sight.

We covered a variety of topics, which I'll list here while they are fresh in my memory:

International Authors
Commercial Writing v. "Literary" Writing
Harry Potter
John Milton
Milton to Locke to the American Revolution
Critical Synoptics and Analytic Philosophy
The International Authors edition of The Scarlet Letter
Dario Rivarossa's  Dante was a Fantasy Writer
The Avant-Garde
Richard Kostelanetz
Michael Moorcock
Langdon Jones
Michael Butterworth
New Worlds
Jerry Cornelius
Jeffery Hodges
Vitasta Raina
Terrance Lindall
Ruud Antonius
Hayden Westfield-Bell
Dev Makhija
Elkie Riches' novel Reclamation 
Prototype X
Science fiction
"How to write"
Taking risks
Academic publishing
The concept of the refereed journal, and the role of readers and the editorial advisory board
The hegemony of the English language, globalism; corporations and globalism

Kent State University students at the meeting:

Many thanks to Professor Hassler and his students!