Sunday, February 22, 2009

Song of Diogenes

A few lines from my Aristophanic comedy Diogones, forthcoming from Mustard Lid Press:

Her fey beauty like the glowing moon

Lives in an aging vision that walks alone

In streams and in this life that came to seem

What is, the way it was, what should ever be


If I could sit in session with the wind

And call upon the outlines of that original vision

Have it before, unfolding grace, once more

I would say, "Slowly, linger with me awhile."


And a long gaze with time I should take

In all the fine array of what I should make

Of this gift, this beautiful friend who love herself

Did send singing out of the silent shrines of hope


 "Wisdom, do you see?  Anointed, in a form soft,

 Flowing, woman.  Friend, how can I friend to thee?"

And I should sit quiet and wait, a keen mind listening


And wait upon the long road of a languishing wave

Or as some mathematician tends upon the fortunes

Of a lonely comet rise and wane to the heavens

'Till midnight's last hour on western hill of sleep


I shall listen to the stillness of her breath, her sigh

Patient, upon a field of remembered expectation

Promise as this interview concludes, then dawn

This night wiser by one night, one still, one love

But that was a long time ago....

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