Friday, January 23, 2009

Critical Commentary with the Ouija

The other evening I paid a call upon my astrologer, who after following the usual preliminaries--heating a pot of chamomile tea, vigorously rubbing my shoulders, burning white sage, and with much fanfare striking a gong--pulled out her Ouja board to survey a variety of notable historical figures concerning the critical reception Tally-Ho, Cornelius! was receiving on "the other side." Demons are known to impersonate the shades of the dead in order to corrupt our world with fantasy and illusion, and thus I can not attest to the veracity of these statements, but they ring true to me:
"Cast this reactionary drivel to the flames. Then everybody
back to work."
--Mao Tse Tung

"The story of a vicar whose best friend is a cuttlefish. We all
know someone like that."
--Evelyn Waugh

"I would like to have dinner with the author. There can
be no higher praise."
--James Boswell

"With delight and ease this novel exposes such people as have betrayed their civilization and all mankind; and especially that terrible species we know as the 'political scarecrow,' that is the man of straw, ridiculous to all who know of what materials he is made; and to none more so, than to those who have stuffed him, and set him up, as the Priapus of the garden of the golden apples of corruption."
-- Thomas Love Peacock

"Perfectly esoteric!"
--Leo Strauss

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