Friday, January 11, 2019

Meanwhile, last night in Experiencing Literature...

Last night in my introductory literature class, I was confronted by a room full of students who showed up without books! So I showed them an episode of The Prisoner, and talked a lot.

The students were impressed with the show... This was just "stuff" I watched on TV when I was a little chap, but last night The Prisoner was for the students a revelation. We watched "The Chimes of Big Ben" episode.
Significant dialogue: 1) No. 2 sanctimoniously outlining his morally-inverted, dystopian "New World Order" vision (14:25 - 15:04); and 2) No. 6 remarking upon his enigmatic entry for the community arts and crafts competition (28:58 - 30:06).

The Prisoner represents a bitter farrago of the worst "regularities" of complacent mid-20th century English society--all very funny--but, more importantly, the series examines the deranged (psychopathic?) utopian ambitions of the technocratic classes. Prophetic.

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